Version 2.0.1 Posted

Version 2.0.1 posted of the AV Aid App.

Many improvements in this update, but we are still looking to improve the AV Aid app even further in the future.  Below are a few ideas from our current wishlist for future releases.

– Selectable resolution outputs
– HDCP test for HDMI
– The ability for users to select a test song from their song library
– The ability for users to select a test image from their image library
– A more appropriate test song
– The ability to send test patterns via Apple TV


Ver 2.0.1 Audio Visual Test Generator App should post today!

Version 2.0.1 of AVAID should post today!

Added a nice Cat5 RJ-45 pinout image on the Category Cable page, as well as numerous fixes listed below.  Grab our AV Aid Audio Visual Test Generator App at the iTunes app store for iPhone.


Version 2.0.1

– Now able to send audio tests via AirPlay again.
– Added Cat 5 pinout diagram to Category cable page.
– Bug fixes and graphical improvements.

Version 2.0.0

– Bug fixes and design improvements.
– Updated for iOS 7.
– New icon design.
– Test images now swipe-able and without navigation bar overlap. (Swipe ‘up’ to go home, and ‘left or right’ to advance through test images.)
– Removed introductory popup alert.
– Fixed audio playback glitch. (No longer a need to double-tap to play back or stop multiple sounds.)
– Cable images can now be pinched to enlarge or repositioned as needed.
– Removed banner ads!
– Added Phoenix Connector, Euroblock, Banana Connector, Screw Terminal, Binding Post, SCART, Apple Display Connector, DiiVA or Display Port, Mini-DVI.



IOS 7 doesn’t like my storyboard.

Well, looks like I need to re-do the layout of my latest App.  I have numerous pages to fix up, over 200 errors in layout, and need to learn the new Auto-Layout system for X-code 5.  Would love to see a tutorial on how it’s supposed to work.  Maybe if I figure it out, I’ll post something.

Enter the world of App Dev.

So at the tender age of 38 I have decided to learn app development.  Needless to say, it’s more involved than I though but I am diving head first into learning Objective-C and X-Code. My first app is now being reviewed by iTunes, and is an audio visual technician’s tool kit.  Watch out for it, it’s called AV Aid.  Since I’ve been an AV tech for the past 14 years, I figured I’d make something handy for me to carry around while I test colors, contrast ratio, audio, audio phase, left and right sound, and keep a guide to various cable types and connectors.  There’s more there too, like a strobe light, a party light, and even the mysterious turbo button.  I’ll keep the site updated with bug fixes, suggestions, and news relating to my exploration of app development.