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AVAid 3.0.0

We went back and rebuilt AVAid from scratch using Apple’s new SwiftUI framework. We are still planning on a few key improvements, but are happy to have a new look, and a couple new features like full screen access for front and rear cameras if you are using your mobile device as a document camera in live meetings. Also, confirmed support for Dolby 7.1 tests in preparation for the new Apple EarPods which will support 7.1 sound. Also, we confirmed our test generator will output test bars at whatever resolution is detected and selected, even 4k or 8k! And the ability to select a custom test image, and custom songs even if you are using Apple Music.

Cueviewz 1.0.5

On nights and weekends I’ve been working on a simple web app for live presentations. It’s a slide advancer to use in any internet browser and any mobile device during online presentations. It is still in what I would consider ALPHA, but I am posting about it here for those who would like to inquire.

AVAid 2.4 en route

Sorry for any of you that have had crashes with AVAid. It turns out that in iOS 13 or higher, they want the audio handled differently. I have submitted a bug fix in AVAid 2.4 which should hopefully go live in a few days.

Also, we noticed a similar issue with the AVAid for Apple TV and are working on a new version for that as well.

You will know AVAid is updated when the logo changes to this…

AVAid 2.3.1 – Background audio is back!

Thanks to Apple for allowing background audio services on our favorite AV test generator again! For a while it was dis-allowed, but this latest version I asked if they would reconsider, based on the nature of the application and they just approved 2.3.1!

– Enabled background audio services so audio tests continue if the app is minimized or the screen is dimmed.
– Updated with Swift 3.0 programming.

Quick update!

Both Multi Path Audio Books and AV Aid are doing well with their latest versions.  The bugs seem to be patched and things are running smooth again.   We also have a secret Apple TV tvOS project in the works that should hopefully go live soon.